Increasing the Add New Media Upload File Size Limit for WordPress

While developing and testing a new theme for WordPress locally on WAMP, a problem presented itself regarding uploading media files. In WordPress 4.4.1, the Add New Media page indicated that the maximum file size that could be uploaded had a 3M limit; however, the audio file that was being uploaded was well over the limit. The problem had nothing to do with WordPress itself, it was actually a setting in the php.ini server file that needed to be increased. PHP.INI Prior to finding the solution,  the upload_max_filesize in the php.ini file, was the first setting  that was changed because the research pointed to that as being the solution. However, upload_max_filesize […]

The Aside Post Format is designed to be used as a “Side Note” or a short paragraph. Although the Aside Post Format is designed to be used when writing a single paragraph, it could also be used for a couple short paragraphs. As you can see here, the Aside Post Format for the HavaWebsite Theme is designed to look like a sheet of notebook paper.
When this post format is used, depending on the font styles, the line height might need to be adjusted. Change the font size and line height in order to make this post type work for you. If you don’t want to see a break in the paper, use a space instead of a return in the WordPress text editor.