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wordpress number one content management system

WordPress is loved by millions of people, all over the world. When it comes to developing and maintaining dynamic content driven websites, WordPress is the right tool for the job. WordPress is an Open Source PHP and MySQL based Content Management System (CMS) that is Free to download and Free to use for anyone who wishes to do so. Robust and feature rich, this Content Management System (CMS) leaves very little to be desired. Due to WordPress’ Free nature, it has become extremely popular over the years for both novices and experts, alike. Besides the fact that it is free to use in every aspect of the word “FREE“, there […]

wordpress market share and global statistics
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WordPress Market Share & Global Statistics

The info graphic above depicts WordPress’ huge lead over their competitors for the Content Management System(CMS) market share. An astonishing 60% of all CMS Users choose WordPress over the competition. The fact that WordPress boasts a 26% Global Market share pertaining to all websites globally is equally impressive. WordPress is the worlds number one choice when it comes to managing content.

Neither of the other two top CMS even come close to having the popularity of of WordPress. Joomla is the second most popular Content Management System(CMS) worldwide, however Joomla only commands 6% of the CMS Market share globally and only 3% of the Global Market Share for all websites worldwide. The other CMS is Drupal with 5% of the Content Management System(CMS) Market and only 2% of the Global Market. The aforementioned stats prove that WordPress doesn’t have any competition.