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HavaWebsite is proud to offer a variety of WordPress Website Design Services to Lake Havasu City Arizona and surrounding areas. Our WordPress services can be tailored to meet the needs of any project and or budget. The WordPress services we offer include installation, management, Custom WordPress Themes, Plugins and Widgets. In addition to our WordPress services we also offer content writing, content development, graphic design, animation, video production, hosting, domain setup and social media integration.

WordPress Services Overview

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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) used to manage the contents of a website. In and of itself, WordPress is Free. Although WordPress is free, there is a lot of work involved to get up and running. HavaWebsite WordPress Design Services can aid small business by helping them take advantage of all the great paid and free options WordPress has to offer. Not only can we help you take full advantage of everything WordPress has to offer, we will help you save money every step of the way.

In some cases a websites developed for WordPress can be managed long term by our clients. However for other clients, a long term relationship, plan and budget for ongoing WordPress services is necessary. Due to the nature of the application, server management tasks, application updates, theme updates and other modifications will be necessary on a continued basis to keep the software, theme and plugins up to date and content backed-up.

When it comes to the look and feel of websites built upon the WordPress framework, Themes control how websites appear. The WordPress Service costs involved with setting up a theme and or theme development includes a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration. The process of choosing, developing or implementing a theme is always multifaceted. We will customize a solution that meets your project needs and budget.

WordPress Theme Development Options

WordPress Existing Themes

The use an existing free or pre-built paid theme is the most basic option for a WordPress website. There are thousands of theme templates that are available to be used for free. Free Theme Templates can be found in the WordPress Theme Directory.

Additionally, there are many Theme Development Companies who offer pre-built website solutions for a fee. Purchasing a pre-built theme can be a quick and cost effective solution to getting a professional website and staying within a budget. HavaWebsite also offers a user friendly free pre-built theme, which is available to anyone who wishes to use the HavaWebsite Theme.

The base cost associated with a pre-built theme specifically pertains to the cost of the Theme. Therefore, if the theme to be used is free, then the base cost would be zero. On top of the cost of the Theme, additional fees will apply based on the other services that are necessary to complete each project. Although, using a pre-built theme seems cost effective, a poorly developed or maintained theme could potentially cause site owners additional troubleshooting and development fees due to code conflicts and other technical difficulties during setup or sometime in the future.

WordPress Child Themes

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Yes, WordPress themes can have children, which brings us to the second option for a website developed with WordPress. A theme that is not dependent on another theme is called a Parent Theme. Then there are Child Themes which are dependent on parent themes. Child themes are used to customize parent themes in a way that allows parent themes to update and add additional functionality, while custom modifications in the child theme stay intact.

Creating a child theme from a parent theme can be a cost effective solution for a professional website, if the project budget will not accommodate a Custom Theme. The HavaWebsite Theme is free to use and can be modified further, with the use of a child theme, to suit the needs of any project.

The base cost associated with a Child Theme pertains to the cost of the Parent Theme and the cost associated with creating the Child Theme. Therefore, if the theme being used is free, then the base cost is zero plus the cost of creating the child theme. The actual cost of the Child Theme depends solely on the needs of the project. On top of the cost of the Parent Theme and Child Theme, additional fees will apply for other services that are necessary to setup and complete the project.

WordPress Custom Themes

Custom Themes are used to tailor WordPress to the exact specifications that are necessary to accomplish a project. Custom Themes offer the most flexibility and the best result long term. Custom Themes can be optimized, streamlined and completely customized to meet the needs of any website project.

Considering all the time and money that the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) saves every project that uses it, a custom theme might be well within any projects budget. The costs involved with creating a custom theme depend solely on the scope of the project.

Save Time and Money with a WordPress Pre-built, Child or Custom Theme today!

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