Worldwide Love for WordPress

wordpress number one content management system

WordPress is loved by millions of people, all over the world. When it comes to developing and maintaining dynamic content driven websites, WordPress is the right tool for the job. WordPress is an Open Source PHP and MySQL based Content Management System (CMS) that is Free to download and Free to use for anyone who wishes to do so.

Robust and feature rich, this Content Management System (CMS) leaves very little to be desired. Due to WordPress’ Free nature, it has become extremely popular over the years for both novices and experts, alike. Besides the fact that it is free to use in every aspect of the word “FREE“, there are a multitude of other reasons that WordPress has become extremely popular since its release way back in, 2003.

Save Time and Money!

One of the biggest reasons that WordPress has become so popular is because it saves developers +1000 or more hours of development time. On top of all of the the time it saves developers, the code is constantly being improved. The core developers are constantly improving and testing the code that makes up the WP Content Management System, all of which does not cost the end user a penny. The WordPress Community also offers thousands of free and paid themes, as well as, free and paid plugins that can add additional functionality to any WordPress based website project.

World Wide Support

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In addition to a huge head start in the development process, WordPress is well documented and includes an extensive support community that extends worldwide. There are literally millions of people using, contributing, and developing with WordPress the world over.

WordPress can be used to create simple websites, blogs or even more robust and complicated websites like those of Fortune 500 Companies. The WP Content Management System (CMS) isn’t just for bloggers and businesses, it’s designed to be extremely versatile and used by anyone. People from all walks of life, small businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations and even celebrities have websites built with WordPress.

WordPress is HavaWebsites favorite Content Management Systems (CMS), not to mention the World’s most beloved software applications!

Don’t Get Left Behind

In an industry that is constantly changing and evolving, website owners need a Content Management System (CSM) that will allow their website to evolve with the times. WordPress is that Content Management System (CMS). The beauty of WordPress is that over time as the needs for a website change the entire project can be revamped and changed in countless ways. Don’t get left behind, get your WordPress Website Project started today!