The Difference Between Web Design & Web Development

People often use the terms website design and website development interchangeably but their meanings are quite different. Web Design and Web development go hand in hand but they are NOT synonymous with one another. Web Design is a plan for how the website will look and function, while Web Development is the code that controls the way the website literally looks and functions. Website Designers Envision Website Projects: Project Planning, Technical Requirements, Creative Design, Interface Layout, User’s Experience, Wire-frames, Branding, etc. Website Developers Make Websites Work: Code, Markup, Style, Framework, Security, Performance & Speed, Compatibility, Interaction, Responsiveness, Forms, eCommerce etc. In Conclusion the difference between web design and web development […]

WordPress 503 Service Unavailable

The default WordPress 503 Service Unavailable Error message is very off-putting to website visitors. If you have ever seen this message, you know exactly how disconcerting the message is to website visitors. Otherwise, if you have not seen this error, the default page is a plain white page with a vague message indicating the website is unavailable. The default WordPress 503 Error Message is really ugly and triggers negative feelings for anyone who visits the website while it is unavailable. All Websites Should Use Custom 503 Error Pages All websites should use custom error messages in order to control the perception of their website by their users. Serving site visitors […]