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Comprehensive and Affordable Website Design Services for Lake Havasu City Arizona and surrounding areas. Our website design services can be tailored to fit any project or budget. Regardless of the project size, we’ll develop a plan that will meet all of your needs & exceed your expectations.

HavaWebsite begins each web design project by assessing the needs of the project. After a thorough assessment of the project is completed, a plan for the project will be developed. The Project plan includes the website project details such as technology requirements, user profiles, project goals, flow charts, time frame and project costs.

When the Project Plan is accepted, preliminary design documents for the project will be created. The preliminary design documents focus on a plan for Typography, Colors, and Imagery. Once the preliminary design documents are finished, the designer can get to work on the final two design documents, Wire-frames and Web Page Mock-Ups.

Project Scope

The most important part of a website project is to determine the scope of the project. During the assessment phase, the client expectations, project needs, brand identity, target market and users needs will be assessed. The assessment helps determine the Project Scope, which is an estimation of time, technology, assets and cost for the project. HavaWebsite provides an online form to assess the Project Scope.

Project Plan

The Project Plan is an outline of the project needs and other information procured from the Project Scope questionnaire. The outline will include a plan for the flow of the website, outline of the technology needed to accomplish the project, and an outline of the time frame for which the project can be completed. The Project Plans purpose is to insure that the needs of the project will be met, make sure everyone involved with the project is on the same page and to provide information regarding the time frame and costs associated with the project.

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Website Design Documents

During the first phase of the project the preliminary design documents are created. The preliminary design document focus on the colors, fonts and general feeling that will guide and influence the second phase of the design process. The second phase of designing a website uses the project plan and preliminary design documents to create the secondary design documents. Each of the secondary design documents are a visual representation of the website layout at different stages in the planning process.

Preliminary Design Documents

The visual design process begins by creating three specific documents that are designed with the purpose of painting a mental picture of how the website will be perceived through color, typography and imagery. Not only do these documents paint a mental picture but they are crucial to the project because they effect other aspects of the design process, such as the web page mock-up design documents. The names of the three preliminary design documents are Typography Scheme, Color Scheme and Mood Board.

Color Scheme

The Color Scheme is the plan for the Colors used in a web project. It’s a visual representation of the colors. The Color Scheme is also a technical document that the developer uses as a guide because it contains the codes for each color that is planned for use in the website design project.

Typography Scheme

The Typography Scheme is the part of the web planning process for how written content will be styled. It is a visual representation of the fonts and font sizes planned for the project. The Typography Scheme is a guide that the web developer will use to code the styles for the written content.

Mood Board

The Mood Board is the part of the project plan pertaining to Images and Textures. A Mood Board is a visual display of the type of images and textures that could be found within the website. The Mood Board is designed with the purpose of emulating a mood or feeling for the website project.

Secondary Web Design Documents

The secondary web design documents are not secondary because they are less important than the preliminary design documents, they are secondary because they depend on the preliminary documents as a guide. Each of the secondary documents are purposeful and help the project move along to the production phase of the project a.k.a Development.

Web Page Wire Frames

Wire Frames are design documents that make up the plan for laying out the websites content on web pages. Wire-frames are website page examples that are always designed in black and white and are meant to be a visual representation of the page layout, not the page content.

Web Page Mock-Ups

Web design mock-ups are a group of drawings that represent the pages of the website project. Mock-Ups act as the final plan for the look and layout of web pages, as well as, the content placement within the layout. Mock-Ups are full color exact visual representations of how the website will look.

Web Development

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Web Development is the final phase of a Web project. In the final phase of the website project the web developer will use the project plan as a guide for writing the code for the website. The development phase is where the plan for the web design comes to life. The code and technology involved varies based on the needs of each project.

Some web projects are static in nature, meaning they simply provide information and do not require dynamic user interaction. Other websites are dynamic and will require different levels of interaction based on the scope of the project. Dynamic websites, allow site users to interact with the site content in countless ways. A Dynamic website needs things like a Database, eCommerce Solution, Social Media Integration, Contact Forms or any other element that allows the user to interact with the website.

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WordPress Design Services

For clients who need a dynamic content driven website, WordPress is an amazing and inexpensive solution. WordPress is perfect for Blogs and eCommerce sites and it can be leveraged in countless ways to save you money. If your interested in our WordPress Services, click the link above to find out more. If your not sure if WordPress would be a good solution for you checkout this blog article, Worldwide Love for WordPress. The article explains some of the reasons WordPress is such a popular Content Management System.

Stock Images

free stock photos picjumbo camera imageOne of the main costs involved with graphic design and or website design projects pertains to the portion of the budget for professional photographs and vector images. Almost all of the vendors that provide good quality Stock Images and Vector Graphics charge a substantial amount of money for them.

HavaWebsite website design services is focused on providing the best Customer Service possible. We believe that saving our clients money is one way that we can provide exceptional customer service. Locating free stock images is one method that we can use to save our clients money. Our philosophy is if the image or graphic doesn’t cost us anything, it doesn’t cost you anything either!